The National Association of the Van Valkenburg(h) Family

Descendants of Andries Van Valkenburg


1. Andries Van Valkenburg

1574 and 1576 in Millen on St Ramboutspoele Street

1574 he bought land from Anna, daughter of Michiel van den Bosch, and in 1576
sold a life annuity to Sister Marie Eycken in the convent at Tongeren in
exchange for which be pledged his house in Millen.

NOTE: Andries in the oldest known Van Valkenburg, probably the first to settle in Millen. He was a tailor. He was the paternal grandfather of Lambert Van Valkenburg who emigrated to New Amsterdam.

NOTE: The small village of Millen is about two miles south of Valkenburg and
is now in the province on Limburg, Belguim, but this area was formerly a part
of the Netherlands.

4. Michiel Van Valkenburg

NOTE: on 17 Oct 1609 Michiel, living in Antwerp, transferred his inheritance
in Millen to his brother Lambert for 100 guilders.

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