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The National Association of the Van Valkenburg Family

Founded by the descendants of Lambert Van Valckenburgh in 1970 

Come and meet some of the family!

Lambert of Valkenburg, Netherlands, and Annetie Jacobs of Schleswig, Holstein were married in Amsterdam in 1642 and came to North America in 1644.

Their first home in the New World was in Manhattan.

NAVVF family members are defined as descendants, whether by birth or legal adoption, of Lambert Jochemse Van Valckenburgh and Annetje Jacobs. * Membership is extended to descendants of others of the surname Van Valkenburg - their lineages are included in the official family tree. 

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NAVVF 52nd Reunion - Huntsville, AL
Sept 15th - 17th, 2022

Currently we are starting to plan an in-person Reunion for 2022;
hopefully travel and meeting in-person will be safe by then.


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Van Valkenburgh
Van Velkinburgh
Van Volkinburg
Van Volkenburg
Van Falkenburg

NAVVF Reunion 2020

These are certainly trying times, and we first hope that everyone is safe. Second, there is no way we can commit to a physical Reunion this year, so we are planning a VIRTUAL REUNION! to celebrate NAVVF's 50th! There will be a signup form in the News Notes and a link here so we can coordinate the proper resources to make sure that everyone can connect. Hope to see everyone online in September!

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