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Valkenburg Beer


Contributed by Cees Grol, 1994


Valkenburg, 1994:

Brewery De Leeuw, located in Valkenburg aan de Geul,' has been doing very well lately. 105 years after its foundation the brewery has been growing faster than ever before after a reasonably stable decade. The brewery has developed into a modern brewery, in which the traditional methods can still be found in several specific aspects of the brewing process.

In 1886 Wilhelm Dittman was sent from Aachen to Valkenburg to find a suitable location for the Aachener Export Bierbrauerei. The former gunpowder factory in the Plenkertstraat, with its monumental water wheel, was bought and that was the start of De Valkenburgse Leeuwenbrouwerij, Dittman & Sauerlander Actien Maatschappij'. In 1920 the ownership of this brewery changed hands and it became a Dutch brewery under the name of Bierbrouwerij De Leeuw.

Skipping several years we get to 1988, the year in which we reached the record turnover of 100,000 hectoliters. At this moment we are proud to say that we have passed the 145,000 hectoliter mark. This growth has primarily been achieved by a growing number of pubs, restaurants and hotels and by actively canvassing the home market off-licenses and groceries. A growing number of liquor shop chains, independent liquor shops and grocery shops have been taking great pleasure in selling Leeuw beer with an increasing amount of success.

Brewery De Leeuw brews its beers according to specific recipes based on more than 100 years of brewing experience. To produce the quality of beer the brewmaster demands, only the best natural ingredients are used and Limburg spring-water, tapped from layers of marl more than 140 metres below the surface of the earth. Using all these natural ingredients De Leeuw brews 6 other beers apart from the pilsner:

Leeuw Gud Bruin, Venloosch Alt, Superleeuw, Leeuw Bock Bier and Jubileeuw, a richly malted pilsner brewed in honour of the centenary celebration in 1986. 

In 1991 De Leeuw introduced its latest showpiece, Valkenburgs Wit. It is a kind of beer that has been popular in Belgium since the turn of the century. In the last few years this passion has also taken root in The Netherlands. Using his own specific brewing process, our Belgian brewmaster has managed to brew a fresh, top fermenting wheat beer. Valkenburg Wit is brewed from various kinds of wheat balanced by special barley malt and herbs.

The town, decorated for the Christmas season.

NAVVF Charter Member Roger E. Van Valkenbnrgh (Br l) of Palisade, Colorado, sent us various items that he obtained about Valkenburg. We are grateful to Roger for all the items he sent, but we were unable to find out anything more about them until we contacted our friend Cees Grol from Valkenburg. Cees sent us the above article and some items connected with the story. We are very grateful to Cees for all the help that he gives us. Cees has contributed other articles about Valkenburg.

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